We use only the highest quality parts combined with proven techniques to produce the best engines for our customers. With over 30 years experience we know what works and more importantly, what doesnt!


  • Engine Building - New Engine / Performance
  • Engine Block Race Preparation
  • Valvetrain - Head Porting & Polishing
  • Engine Rebuilding & Restoration
  • Performance Ignitions
  • Carburetor Modifications
  • Custom Cam Grinding
  • Machine Shop Services
  • Custom Rear Ends


Streetable performance...

How much is to much? We can help defign that. Determining what will work in your car with minimal chassis modificaitons can be tricky. Creating huge horsepower is what we do and we're really really good at it! Not all 500 horsepower engines are the same though and not all vehicles with 500 horsepower act the same! Doubling that number only multiplies what is necessary to make it work. We will customize an engine specifically for your daily driver, building the exact amount of horsepower it can handle for street use.


Winning race engines for all classes...

Our base engines are designed with the highest level of quality and reliability. The internal parts are selected on their proven proformance record. We won't cut corners to save a few dollars. We won't put our name on it if we don't believe in the product 100%. We can upgrade or recommended specific internal engine parts for your existing engine depending on what you are trying to accomplish. Contact us for prices we'll be happy to give you some suggestions.

Reliability problems? Having trouble keeping it together? We will take you're existing, target the problem and rework what's needed to get you back on the track as soon as possible. Race engines are what we're all about!


Hot Rod, antique engine restorations and vintage muscle car engine rebuilding.

Trying to get a vintge muscle car in perfect condition can be a daunting project especially with all the confusing parts under the hood. Usually the engine is the last thing on the list. Give us a call, we can help by sourcing numbers matching and period correct engine parts. We offer an affordable way to get your dream car back on the road. Give us your engine and we'll handel everything while you concentrate on everything else. When you're ready for install, we'll even handle that for you.

SBC from 400HP to 900HP

BBC from 700HP to 6000HP


TURBOS     BLOWERS     Nitrous Oxide Systems

As you can see, we don't list prices as each engine and project is unique. We deliver quality at a fair price guaranteed. All work is honest and up front and agreed upon before we start a project.

Be careful what you wish for...